The sacrament of Reconciliation is available in the church

  • Friday from 10 to 11 a.m., and
  • Saturday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. before Mass

unless Father Sembrano is called away.  Reconciliation is available at other times by appointment.  (See contact information at the bottom of this page or in the bulletin.)

Lenten Celebrations of the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Thursday 21 March at 7 p.m.:  St. Emile Parish

Sunday 31 March at 12 p.m.:  St. Thomas More Parish, 66 Birchdale Avenue

Sunday 31 March at 6 p.m.:  St. Andrew Bobola Parish, 541 Marion Street

Wednesday 3 April at 7 p.m.:

  • Christ the King Parish, 847 St. Mary’s Road,
  • and Mary Mother of the Church Parish, 85 Kirkbridge Drive

Thursday 4 April at 7:30 p.m.:  St. Norbert Parish, 70, rue Saint-Pierre

Sunday 7 April at 2:30 p.m.:  Paroisse Sainte Famille, 778 Archibald Street

Wednesday 10 April at 7 p.m.:  Holy Cross Parish, 252 Dubuc Street

Thursday 11 April at 7 p.m.:  St Bernadette Parish, 820 Cottonwood Road

Friday 12 April at 7 p.m.:  St. Timothy Parish, 135 John Forsyth Road

Examination of Conscience:  USCCB

Act of Contrition:  EWTN, Loyola Press