Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council— The reports to the 2018 Annual General Meeting are now available:

The St. Emile Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a group of parishioners who serve as a consultative body to assist and advise the pastor. It is the main body for lay leadership in the pastoral life of our parish and aims to engage and enable the whole parish community for fuller participation in the mission of the parish. The Finance/Administrative Council works in close collaboration with the Parish Pastoral  Council.

Minutes of Council Meetings

March 2018 Annual General Meeting


St. Emile Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) 2017/18


Pastor:  Fr. Gerry Sembrano
Deacon:  Stepan Bilynskyy
Chairperson:  Paulette Dupuis
Vice-Chairperson:  Wilmar Chopyk
Secretary:  Vacant

Ministry Chairpersons and Liaisons:

Catholic Women’s League Liaison:  Natalia Bilynskyy
Communion to the Sick and Shut-ins Ministry:  Paul Van Leeuwen
Faith & Spiritual Growth Ministry:  Bonnie Cornwell
Food Bank/Funerals Liaison:  Rollande Flockton

Hospitality Ministry:  Christy Nnadi
Knights of Columbus Liaison:  Gilbert Dupuis
Legion of Mary Liaison:  Nellie Trinidad
Liturgical Ministry:  Zorina Chang and Godwin Nwabuko

Liturgical Hosting Ministry (Greeters, Offertory Gifts, Collection) and Web Site:  Shirley Gillespie
Music Ministry:  Meycee Kalaw and Adaze Nwabuko
Pro-life Ministry:  Bonnie Jarf
RCIA Ministry:  Deacon Stepan Bilynskyy and Paulette and Gilbert Dupuis

Religious Education Ministry:  Marcel Matte, Donna O’Toole, Regina Witzany
Sacristy Ministry:  Nellie Trinidad
St. Emile School Liaison:  Darren Witzany
Syro- Malabar Liaison:  Sabu Mathew
Youth Ministry:   Sylvester Oyamienlen, Gisele Evecsyn, Ella Santos

Administrative/Finance Committee

Pastor:  Fr. Gerry Sembrano
Chairperson:  Rose Marie Couture
Secretary:   Charina Umagat
Rentals:   Myrna Mah
Maintenance:   Gilbert Dupuis, Vic St. Hilaire
Treasurer:  Wilf Yunik
Members:  Ed Clairemont, Iris Tymofychuk, Claudette Dorge, Wilmar Chopyk

Ad Hoc Committees

Guidelines Committee:  Wilmar Chopyk
Refugee Committee:  Alfred Fillion

Additional Volunteer Committees (not on PPC)

Bulletin:  Roxanne Couture-Michaud, Lynda Saelens
Church and Parish Hall Decoration:  Nancy St. Hilaire
Office volunteers:  Eileen Olensky, Wilf Yunik

(updated March 2018)