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Administration and Finance Committee

“This committee has a responsibility distinct from those of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and functions autonomously from it.” (Guidelines from Diocese)   A representative sits on the Parish Pastoral Committee, (PPC).

This committee is made up of a minimum of five parish members.


  • Administer the funds of the parish.
  • Maintain all facilities belonging to the parish (church, yard, four-plex).
  • Pay wages.
  • Inform parishioners of audit and balance of books at Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Report on projects and finances at PPC meetings.
  • Inform parishioners as to projects and or needs.
  • A complete Financial Report is included in the AGM booklet with the Chairperson and Office accountant presenting and on hand to answer questions from parishioners.

Catholic Women’s League

The CWL is actively seeking new members to join an organization that does worthwhile projects and fosters new friendships.  Meetings begin with the League prayer followed by a spiritual reflection given by Fr. Sembrano.  Members are involved in the parish as Eucharistic ministers and readers, volunteer in the parish office, work at the parish supper, and provide a “words of wisdom” message for the Sunday bulletin every week.  The St. Emile Council is also sponsoring a family in India and provides donations to a number of organizations such as Cancer Care, Kee-Pas Missions, Meals on Wheels, Jocelyn House , Life’s Vision, and Alpha House.  Contact Gladys Talaga at (204) 256-8466 for more information.

Faith and Spiritual Growth

The Faith and Spiritual Growth Ministry is engaged in providing opportunities for faith and spiritual growth in the parish.  This ministry seeks, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to reach out to parishioners, wherever they are in their spiritual journey, to offer varied forms of informative and enriching opportunities to gather where they may encounter Christ and share His love with others.

Members of this ministry venture into opportunities of growth and of challenge, being strengthened alongside their brothers and sisters.  They are committed to frequent prayer for St. Emile and all its needs.  They practice ‘listening’ prayer so that they may learn to discern their path.

Past initiatives have included:

  • a nine-part video series by Father Bob Bedard
  • Lenten Scripture study
  • varied book studies/sharing groups
  • a 10-part live presentation on prayer
  • Advent book study and meditation
  • a parish-wide invitation to pray the Novena to the Holy Spirit.

New members are always welcome!  In addition, the Faith and Spiritual Growth Ministry is always seeking suggestions from parishioners for future projects.  Contact Bonnie at 204-237-0540 or at to get involved.

Food Bank

The St. Emile food bank provides service from the parish centre and operates in association with Winnipeg Harvest.  Ten to twelve volunteers provide the service and approximately 60 to 85 families are served.  Food items are provided by Winnipeg Harvest and donations from parishioners.  Additional food supplies are purchased with donated monies.


The goals of the hospitality ministry are:

  • to present meaningful opportunities for parishioners to become better acquainted and to get to know each other by name,
  • to welcome newcomers and visitors to St. Emile and help them find friends and support groups in the parish community, and
  • to build confidence and a sense of belonging in parishioners, newcomers, and visitors by encouraging them to get involved in the parish community.

The hospitality committee hosts a coffee and fellowship event once a month after the 9 a.m. Mass.

Volunteers are needed not only to host the fellowship events, but also to bake and shop for provisions.

To join the hospitality ministry, contact:

  • Christy at, or
  • Myrna at

Knights of Columbus

The St. Emile Council meets on the second Wednesday of the month.  Knights are involved with parish activities such as the annual fall supper and assist in numerous parish activities.  Various members also serve as ushers, Eucharistic ministers, and lectors, assist with maintenance, serve on the finance and pastoral councils, and lend their musical talents to the music ministry.  Past activities have included:

  • youth activities such as Basketball Free Throw, “Keep Christ in Christmas” colouring contest, and aiding St. Emile School in some of their lunch activities
  • the annual fish fry
  • Festival du Voyageur

Legion of Mary

Members meet every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the parish centre.  Members visit the sick in homes, hospitals, and nursing and seniors’ homes, and also distribute religious articles and provide pastoral and communion services there.  In addition to assisting in cleaning in the church and chapel, members hold Holy two hours every year on February 28 in the chapel and deliver the pilgrim statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to homes in our community.

Liturgical Hosting

The Liturgical Hosting Ministry is a group of parishioners who:

  • serve as Greeters,
  • take up the Collection, and
  • carry the Offertory gifts

at the three week-end Masses as well as Ash Wednesday, Easter, and Christmas Masses. This ministry is part of the Liturgy Ministry and both work closely together.

The Greeters are the first welcoming faces who greet parishioners, visitors, and newcomers and hand over the Bulletin. Our Collectors gather our monetary gifts and present them at the altar on our behalf. The Bread and Wine are carried up to the altar by the Offertory hosts.

There is an ongoing need for volunteers willing to serve as hosts.  Hosts can serve individually or serve as a couple or a family.  To join this ministry, complete the Volunteer as Liturgical Host form.

Liturgical Ministry

The Liturgical Ministry is comprised of parishioners who have been called to serve God’s people as Lectors and/or Eucharistic Ministers. The Ministry strives to strengthen, enrich, and nurture a positive culture of service in order to enhance the experience of the people of God as they come together to pray, to reflect, to learn, and to celebrate.  This ministry also works closely with the Youth Ministry.

Do you wish to become a part of the Liturgical Ministry?  There is a membership drive every fall, but why wait?  Contact Zorina Marzan Chang by e-mail at or by phone at 204-781-1065.

Training and an information booklet are provided to all liturgical ministers.


The Maintenance Committee is part of the Finance/Administration Committee.  It is responsible for taking care of the facilities, doing necessary repairs, coordinating volunteer helpers, having back up plans in place, and preparing for the future.

Did you ever wonder who does the upkeep and maintenance of our church facilities?  Who tends to the flowers and the yard?  Who sees to it that our church is clean and organized for us to attend?  Who tends to all the upkeep details of St. Emile Parish, our home?

For the last five years, volunteers have donated their time with the upkeep and necessary renovations of our church, our parish centre, and the adjoining four-plex apartment building.  Major renovations have included replacing the boiler in the church; replacing shingles on the church, the parish centre and the rectory; updating all windows and all bathrooms in the four-plex apartment building; updating the kitchen in the parish centre; repainting the chapel and the church; upkeep of sewer lines; updating electrical breakers; and more.

At the present time:

  • St. Emile Parish has four teams of volunteers, each vacuuming the church once a month. The schedule for Vacuuming Teams is posted on the church entrance bulletin board.
  • Volunteers help set up for activities/events held in the parish centre, such as setting up tables, clean up and regular maintenance.
  • A high school student cleans the parish centre for one hour per week, as part of her School Community Work Project.
  • Three teams of volunteers help with planting the flower beds, watering and weeding, and general outside upkeep.
  • We attempt to have back up teams for each responsibility.  A list of our volunteers is posted in the front office.

Have you an hour or two now and then to help?  Please consider becoming a volunteer with our St. Emile Parish Maintenance Team. For more information, please call Vic St. Hilaire ( 204- 233-2883) or Gilbert Dupuis (204-479-2562).


The music ministry at St. Emile Parish is made up of a diverse group of volunteer people and groups that offer a variety of musical styles ranging from contemporary to traditional.  New members are needed!  Anyone who would like to join any of the choirs need only approach any of the current members after Mass.

Parish Pastoral Council

The St. Emile Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a group of parishioners who serve as a consultative body to assist and advise the pastor. It is the main body for lay leadership in the pastoral life of our parish and aims to engage and enable the whole parish community for fuller participation in the mission of the parish.  Get more detailed information on this web site.

Pastoral Care for Seniors and Shut-ins

Pastoral ministry volunteers work “to be caring and compassionate to those who need it most, our elderly and sick parishioners.”  Volunteers visit and take Holy Communion to the homes of parishioners who are unable to attend Mass through age or illness.  They always make their visits in pairs.  More volunteers are needed!  Contact Geraldine at 204-256-7228 to get involved.

Religious Education

This ministry is in two parts:

1.  Family Faith Ministry:  The purpose of this ministry is to offer religious education to children who do not receive this outside the home.

The primary objective is to provide basic religious instruction to students while making them comfortable with asking questions about their faith.

The secondary objective is to prepare the parents to answer their children’s questions comfortably on the subject of religion or, if they do not know the answer, to be comfortable asking for assistance.

The program presently being followed is the Grade 4 level of the “Christ Our Life” text.  This program focuses on the family as the prime source of religious instruction for children by providing sessions that include both parents and children.  Parents are encouraged to ask questions pertaining to any subject of which they are unsure.

2.  Sacramental Preparation:  The purpose of this ministry is to provide instruction to children and their parents pertaining to the sacraments that the children will be receiving.

Sessions are provided to prepare the children to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation.  These sessions provide both instruction as to each sacrament and preparation for the actual ceremony.

For more information, please call Fr. Gerry Sembrano at 204-253-4176.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process developed by the Catholic Church for prospective converts to Catholicism who are above the age of infant baptism.  Candidates are gradually introduced to aspects of Catholic beliefs and practices.  The basic process applies to adults and older children.

The RCIA ministry has just been established as part of the ministries of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and the team is currently holding RCIA sessions in our parish.  This ministry has yet to make an action plan and is in the process of learning more about the RCIA program and how we can move ahead with it in our parish.

For more information, contact Fr. Gerry Sembrano.

Sacristy Ministry

Sacristy volunteers:

  • prepare the linens for the mass;
  • change linens in the chapel and church as needed;
  • change the altar cloth in church and chapel during Advent, Easter, Lent, and Ordinary times;
  • wash and iron purificators and corporal towels;
  • clean up after mass;
  • clean and vacuum chapel;
  • water plants in the chapel and church;
  • assist with decorating the church and chapel as needed;
  • help with the Liturgical preparation in Knights Villa, River Park Garden, and Lions Manor once a month;
  • assist at funeral services and baptisms;
  • assist with decorating the church and chapel as needed;
  • recruit and train new members in the ministry.

Do you have a bit of time to offer?  Does this ministry interest you?  Your help can be as simple as offering to wash the linens or water the plants!  Be as involved as you wish!  Please call Tina Igbehinadara-Eruja 204-880-3990.

Youth Ministry

St. Emile Parish Youth Ministry is committed to forming intentional disciples of Christ through various ways, including evangelization, local community efforts and outreach, and through fellowship and faith-sharing.

The youth ministry aims to provide a place for fellowship, guidance, and faith formation for the young people of our parish, a place where each one can feel that they belong and are welcome, where each person has a place to discover and use their individual gifts, learning to use them in the context of the church, for the greater good and the glory of God.


  • to become more like Jesus:
    • to evangelize: calling youth from the parish to participate
    • to minister:
      • within the church–teaching the youth catechetics (church teaching, faith formation, open discussions)
      • outside the church–reaching out to the greater community (as Jesus did in His ministry), serving the poor, the sick, making our world a better place
    • to provide fellowship:  time for parish youth to have recreation and enjoy each other’s company through different activities.

The long-term goal of the youth ministry is eventually to have a large enough team of leaders so that the youth nights can sustain themselves.  When leaders are available, they help, but there are enough others who can assist.  The ideal number of leaders is six.

For more information, contact Youth leaders:

  • Sylvester Oyamienlen at 204-583-1665 or

“Many hands make light work.” — John Heywood, English Dramatist, 1497 – 1580