Register in St. Emile Parish or change information currently on file using one of these methods:

Click here to get the form in Acrobat (pdf) format.  The pdf form cannot be filled out in your browser; it must be opened in the Acrobat programme, either by opting to download the form or by choosing Acrobat as the viewer if that option is offered (depending on your browser).  Don’t forget to save the file after filling it out!  (Note:  Make sure you have the most recent version of Acrobat Reader to save the completed form.)

⋅ Completed electronic forms may be e-mailed to

⋅ Alternatively, the completed form may be printed on paper and returned to the parish by dropping it in the collection basket, leaving it at the parish office, or mailing it to St. Emile Parish, 556 St. Anne’s Road, Winnipeg, MB, R2M 3G4.

Click here to download the form in Word format to complete on your computer.   Once completed and saved, the form may be e-mailed to  or printed and dropped in the collection basket, dropped off at the parish office, or mailed to the above address.

A pre-printed form is available in the foyer of the church near the entrance (just ask the greeter if you can’t find it).   Once completed, the form may be dropped in the collection basket, dropped off at the parish office, or mailed to the above address.  Please print legibly!

(The same form may also be used by current parishioners to change information.)

Explore becoming a Catholic.

If you are thinking about becoming a Catholic, please complete a short form which is available near the entrance of the church and put it in the collection basket or take it to the parish office.  The form is also available here in Word format for completion on your computer.

Pre-authorized Donation Plan (Automatic Debit)

It is possible to have your weekly contributions to St. Emile Parish debited automatically from your bank account.  The pdf form provided here is fillable, but after completion it must be printed, signed, and dropped off at the parish office along with a VOID cheque (write “VOID” on a blank cheque and do not sign it).  Alternatively, you may print the form, sign it, and put the form and VOID cheque in a stamped envelope and mail it to the parish office using Canada Post.  The signature and VOID cheque are absolutely necessaryGet the pdf (Acrobat) form here.

Note:  The form is fillable only when opened in Acrobat (not a browser) .  If your browser is set up to open Acrobat files inside the browser, look for a down arrow at the top of the page to download the file, then open the file in Acrobat.

Forms are provided in portable data format (pdf) which requires Acrobat Reader.  If you already have Acrobat Reader, please make sure that it is the latest version so that the forms work correctly.