Where is the parish office?

The door to the parish office is on St. Anne’s Road.  Walk from the main parking lot past the church proper.  The parish office door is plainly marked; just ring the door bell.

Where is the chapel entrance?

Chapel EntranceThe entrance to the chapel is on the south side of the church property. If you park in the big parking lot, walk past the church and down the sidewalk toward the triplex and go right around the building. However, there is a small parking lot on that side of the building; just walk up the sidewalk to the chapel and turn left after you enter the building. You will see the chapel’s stained glass windows as you go up the walk.

My dad can’t get out to Mass. Could someone bring him communion?

Yes! Call Geraldine at 204-256-7228.

How do I arrange for a pastoral visit for my mother at her nursing home?

Contact the parish office at 204-253-4176.

Can I carry the offertory gifts at a Mass at which my intention is being offered?

Absolutely! Liturgical hosts are scheduled to carry the offertory gifts, but if asked they will step aside to allow you to carry the gifts. To arrange it beforehand, contact the hosting scheduler (Shirley) at svgill54@gmail.com as soon as you can so that she can contact the scheduled hosts ahead of time to let them know they aren’t needed. If you will be alone, it is possible to cancel only one of the scheduled hosts and have the other carry the gifts with you.

How can I become a communion minister or lector?

Zorina is responsible for liturgical ministry, which covers both communion ministers and lectors. Zorina can be reached at zpm_chang@yahoo.com.

How can I sign up as a greeter or collector or to carry the offertory gifts?

Members of the liturgical hosting ministry serve as greeters and collectors and carry the offertory gifts. To become a liturgical host, contact Nancy and Vic St. Hilaire at vicandnan@shaw.ca.

Why do people continue to stand after receiving communion instead of sitting down right away?

It used to be the custom in St. Emile Parish for everyone to remain standing until all had received communion and there is a certain carryover.  However, Fr. Sembrano now advises that the faithful may sit or kneel in private prayer at any time following reception of communion, although everyone should be sitting or kneeling in prayer and silent reflection once the chalice is returned to the tabernacle.

Where is the library?

In the parish centre across the hall from the chapel entrance. If you attend the 9:30 a.m. daily Mass in the chapel, just step down the hallway and choose a book. At other times, the library is available during office hours (most Mondays to Fridays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.) and when the church is open. Access to the parish centre during the week is through the office. If you need directions, the office volunteer will be happy to direct you. More information about the library is available here.

How can I put information on the St. Emile web site?

Contact the web co-ordinator (Shirley) at emile.wpg@gmx.com.

Is there a question missing? Contact Shirley at emile.wpg@gmx.com