Christian Life Program

Christian Life Programme— Every Saturday until December 1st from 10 a.m. till noon in the chapel (followed by a free lunch) —

The Christian Life Program is an integrated course intended to lead participants into a renewed understanding of God’s call to them as Christians and the fulfillment of our primary vocation of raising Christian families for the service of God and to the work of evangelization through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Christian Life Program has two basic purposes:  evangelism and spiritual renewal.

To evangelize is to take the basic message of Christianity and to proclaim it anew so that those who hear it can make a renewed commitment to the Lord.

Spiritual renewal works in three ways:

1.  For the individual, it brings a person into a stronger relationship with God by discovering and living more fully the power and gifts received through the Holy Spirit.

2.  For the family, it brings married couples to a renewed commitment to Christian family life and it starts to build up a community of committed Christian families.

3.  For the Church, it brings people within a particular parish to a fuller experience of life in the Spirit.  Consequently, it strengthens and revitalizes community life in the parish.

This program is being offered in partnership with Couples for Christ, a movement that establishes Christian families committed to the work of evangelization through the power of the Holy Spirit.  This movement is dedicated to the renewal and strengthening of Christian family life.

Child care will be provided.

Everyone – of any age or marital status – is welcome and encouraged to attend!