The sacrament of Baptism is usually celebrated one weekend per month.  The date is selected according to the first request for that particular month; all others who call afterwards are assigned to that weekend.

In order to have a baby baptized at St. Emile Church, the family should be registered and practising members of St. Emile Parish.  If the family is registered in another parish and wishes their child to be baptized here at St. Emile, a letter of permission from the appropriate pastor is necessary.

Preparation for the sacrament varies.  It can be as simple as attending a meeting or require several months of preparation.

If there are two godparents, one must be a woman and the other a man.  At least one godparent must be a practising Catholic in good standing; “good standing” means, for instance, that if the prospective godparent is married, he or she is married in the Church.

Never make arrangements for Baptism such as setting a date or inviting family and friends before talking to the pastor!