Faith and Spiritual Growth

Faith and Spiritual GrowthIntentional Discipleship

Did you get the message?  Canada day weekend, with all the celebrations, Father Carl dropped a seed, a word for our future, an invitation … become ‘intentional disciples’!  He preached about it and it was in the prayers of the faithful.

INTENTIONAL.  Think about it.  We want an intentional doctor caring for us, an intentional accountant doing our taxes, an intentional electrician wiring our home and an intentional pilot flying the plane we board.  We want them to be committed to their calling.  How can we become more intentional as disciples?  How can we be sure that seeds of faith will take root in our hearts, our families, and our communities?  How do we break through to the next level of faith?  Say His name!  Jesus!  As often as you can, sometimes out loud so that His presence will be evident to your whole being, not just your mind.  Let’s work to be sure that all the seeds sown by God will fall on good soil.  Let’s be ‘intentional’.

Pray this Summer with the Saints of Canada for the 150th Anniversary

This summer, as we celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, we will pray with a number of men and women who have in some particular way shaped the life of the Church in Canada.  Some gave their lives to ensure that the Good News was heard throughout North America.  Others, out of steadfast faith and profound love, dedicated their lives to the service of their brothers and sisters, who very often were among the most under-privileged.  These extraordinary people are lights on the journey and examples of holiness and charity that Catholics can follow.  Over the next seven weeks, a different saint or group of saints will be highlighted followed by a prayer.

See more on Canadian declared saints, blessed or venerable over the years at

St. Marguerite d’Youville (1701-1771)

Marguerite d’Youville was instrumental in setting up hospitals in Montreal with the help of the Grey Nuns (Sisters of Charity), an order of religious women that she founded.  She played a special role in caring for the poor, the elderly, orphans, invalids and the mentally challenged.  Her congregation spread across Canada, setting up hospitals.  Canonized by Pope John Paul II on December 9, 1990, her feast day is celebrated in Canada on October 16.

We pray:

Through your suffering, your faith was strengthened.  You consecrated yourself to God through serving the poor.  Saint Marguerite, help me to persevere in my time of need.  To be patient, to grow in faith, through controversy, and to know, love and be obedient to God as you were.  Amen.

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